Why Web Design And SEO Are Important To Your Online Business?

SEO + Web Design =

Customers today use search engines like Google to look for everything, whether it is a product, service or information. As any online business, one of their main goals is to ensure people are visiting their website. It is important that your website should be aesthetically pleasing and SEO practices are implemented.  

SEO and web design go hand-in-hand. Both concepts affect the amount and the type of people visiting your website. You cannot place more emphasis on one or the other. Otherwise, your website traffic could suffer or leave visitors unsatisfied.  

Is Web Design Just as Important as SEO?

Isn’t obvious? Web Design and SEO are important together.

Despite having a website that is highly ranked in search engines like Google, not prioritizing in your website’s overall appearance will decrease traffic. Investing in web design shows you have put the time and effort into creating a satisfying user experience.

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It’s a Balancing Act

Although SEO promotes better flow of web traffic and improves search engine ranking, there is no other measure on how people respond to a website. People still judge on how your website looks, and this affects a significant amount of your traffic and impression.

So how do you maintain a balance between SEO and web design? Below are 2 tips on how you can make them both work together.

  1. Optimize Web Content

Regardless of implementing SEO and web design best practices, none of that will matter without including quality content. Each landing page should be relevant by incorporating focus keywords and phrases. Proper formatting such as including heading/subheading, and separating different topic through paragraphs. If using WordPress, consider installing Yoast plugin as a guide to follow SEO techniques.

2. Keep Your Website Mobile-Friendly

About 72% of world’s population will use mobile devices for internet access in 2025. cnbc.com

Many people use their smartphones to search the internet and it is a good reason to make sure your website is compatible with most mobile devices. Even if your web traffic is at an all-time high and your website is not optimized for mobile use, opportunities to attract and retain visitors will be missed.

There are many details and nuances to mention on what makes a good website. This article show why web design and SEO can work together. With planning, seeking professional assistance, and following these 2 tips, you should see an improvement in traffic, sales, and presence on your website. Khieuware is here to assist with your web design and SEO needs in Mississauga, GTA, or anywhere around the world.

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