Terms and Conditions

Although we try our best and everything to our every project but as a part of work, terms and conditions are also important. Here are some key points which you should agree before choosing us to work for you. 

  1. Client should give all the content and images in the starting phase of the development or designing, after designing the website, we would only ask at once to note down every revisions they want (max 20). Once we receive the revisions , we will implement those revisions in the desired website which you ordered us to make. Once the revisions are made, the website will be considered as final product. 
  2. If a website needs to have one or two minor changes a month, then we would love to do it for free. But if the changes or revisions exceed from this number then the respective website owner have to ask for Annual Maintenance Package. The prices and terms and conditions of every annual maintenance package is different. 
  3. When it comes to e commerce website, we will only upload 15 to 20 products in the product upload section in the standard price offered with e commerce website. If you want to get all products uploaded, you will have to go for the annual maintenance contract for e commerce website. 

Free website Giveaway

We sometimes run giveaways of free website. There are few conditions for the free website giveaway that are as follows:

  1. one should fill the form in the offer period to get a chance to win a free website for his business.
  2. we will only select one candidate as winner via lucky draw from the filled entries for the offer. 
  3. The free website that we will be offering will have 5-8 pages and it will not include the hosting. Only the website designing charges will be free for the first time. 
  4. All other entries who don’t get selected for the free website giveaway will also get a 10% off on a new website order with us. 

Khieuware reserves the right to make any changes in the terms and conditions as per their choice without notifying. However we try our best to provide you the best experience which we can provide.

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