Firebase vs. MySQL Database

Firebase vs. MySQL Database

What is database?

A Database is an organized collection of data, this is generally stored and accessed electronically from a computer system. It is often described as a room in an office where all the files and data could be stored. Database could be very complex from time to time so they are often developed using formal design and modelling technique.

Database is needed by every company. It is used to store sensitive information. Because of the nature of the information, you should always be cautious while retrieving or handling such information in the database. There are many types of database which provide different purpose of use.

Uses of Database:

  • The key usage of database is to enter and then to retrieve the information from an electronic database.
  • Modern Database helps facilitate simultaneous updates and queries from multiple users.
  • One of the very important and versatile used is that it can be used on devices of different sizes with different hardware and with different operating system.
  • One of the best feature which makes database useful is this that it can manage who can use it.
  • It helps facilitate development of a new program.
  • It increases productivity of the end user of database. It helps its users make a quick and rational decision that can be beneficial for the company. Usually the success or the downfall of the company depends upon the decisions which are made by the core. Database helps us in making such decisions.
  • It provides us with higher quality of information. Which makes us more informed and helps us making faster decisions in the organization.

Over years many database has been developed. The trick for better results lie in choosing the correct database.

Different types of database are:


Oracle is the most popular RDBMS. The language which it is written in is C, C++, & Java. It is famous for having a very popular secure database. It has a well written document. Oracle takes less space and then quickly process the data. Oracle provides functionality for Cloud, Document Store, Key-value storage, Graph DBMS, PDF Storages, and BLOG. It fulfills the requirements in the areas of performance, scalability, high availability, security, data warehousing, etc.


MySQL is a very popular open-source RDBMS it is often used by many major tech companies. Example: Facebook, Google, Twitter, Adobe and more. MySQL supports C, C++, Java, Perl, PHP, Python & TCL. It helps and supports large databases. It can go up to 50 million rows or more in a table. It is very secure, flexible and reliable.

Microsoft SQL Server:

This database is being used for many decades. It was initially launched in 1989 and it is still the most popular and trusted relational database management systems (RDBMS) in the world. Microsoft SQL Database has high performance database and it is also platform dependent. It takes less storage space as it uses data compression technique.


This database is an open-source Object-Relational DBMS. Here users get a chance to create NoSQL databases also. Companies with large volume of data prefer this type of database. This database is often used by a number of gaming apps, database automation tools, domain registries and more. There are many features which makes this database so popular. It has procedural languages. It also has foreign data wrappers. Custom data types and query methods are also allowed to be created in this database.


MongoDB is a cross-platform NoSQL database. It is written in C, C++ and Java. MongoDB often uses internal memory so that the data becomes easy to access. It is easy to understand and use which makes it beginner friendly. It has a feature of auto sharing. It gives high performance, high availability and very easy to use. It also helps to optimize queries for output.


It is a platform for creating mobile and most importantly web applications. It was designed by Google. It is a cloud service. Firebase is NoSQL database. Here data are stored in the cloud. It can be accessed through internet connectivity. It is popular because it is one of a kind of NoSQL Database. Firebase is just a combination of key/value pairs.

Difference between Firebase and MySQL:

  1. It is faster than MySQL as it stores information in JSON objects. Whereas MySQL uses tables to store data.
  2. MySQL is much more relational as it stores data in different tables.
  3. MySQL is fast and easy to use relational database. It handles large subset of functionality and it is often considered as the most powerful program.
  4. Firebase is based on the data structure of NoSQL and it can be seen as more flexible and scalable as compared to relational database.
  5. FireBase is best suited for real time applications.
  6. MySQL is mostly been used for the purposes of relational data and transactions.
  7. MySQL can be installed anywhere.
  8. Many Cloud providers support the managed versions of MySQL.
  9. FireBase is not available anywhere else but GCP which stands for Google Cloud Perform. Since it is owned by Google.
  10. MySQL is very flexible when design is taken into consideration. New Columns if they are inserted they affect the design.
  11. But in Firebase any key or field can be added easily and it does not affect the existing design.


When the question which is better Firebase or MySQL arises often people give mix answers. Some support Firebase and some MySQL. It is an ongoing debate whether FireBase is the new future? It is also been in questions that whether MySQL lacks the standardization. But the answer really depends upon the choice. It depends upon the nature of the business. It depends upon the needs of a complex structure of a business. And most importantly it depends upon the volume of data it thus consumes.

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